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Holiday Displays

Learn more about the products available for your Holiday Display!

Roofline Lighting

Whether you are looking for a classic look with solid color C9 bulbs, themed holiday accents, or a custom programmed color changing roofline, our trained installers will put the lights up at the start of the season, maintain them as needed, and remove them when the time is right!

Roofline Lighting


Evenly spaced C9 bulbs add a retro-style to any holiday display - perfect for outlining roofline, planting beds, and sign monuments! We offer LED C9 Bulbs in clear, faceted, and opaque styles and a wide range of colors.

Roofline C9


Select from a wide range of linear LED designs and shapes to accent your roofline for the holiday season!

Roofline Shapes


With color changing RGB Pixels, we are able to synchronize your display to music for a YouTube worthy light show, program the lights in a different color palette for each night,  or create a series of custom looks allowing your home (and landscaping) to shimmer and change colors over the course of an evening.

Roofline Pixels

Light Strings

Advances in LED Technology mean countless options to customize your display with your choice of bulb shape, LED and wire color, and different levels of control! There are two main variations of Christmas Lights - High and Low Voltage. We also offer LED accents for trees and ground stakes for C9s to finish out the lighting package.

Light Strings


LIGHT Strings

Standard "high voltage"  LED Lights strings plug in to normal outlets for indoor and outdoor use. Strings are available in a wide range of diode shapes and colors with an assortment of spacing and wire options. We install high quality strings from top manufacturers and most strings include a 3-season warranty!

High Voltage

Low Voltage

Low Voltage Light Strings offer several benefits over high voltage (standard) strings. One of the the most noticeable is that they will not trip GFCIs in outlets, this also means that they are safer for use around children who might try to play with the lights!


Some low voltage strings also include controllable effects such as color changing and dimming and there are wide range of low-voltage accents to take your display to the next level!

Low Voltage

Tree Accents

We offer an assortment of spheres, ornaments, snow flakes, and more to decorate the tops of all types of trees.

Static and color changing effects available.

Tree Accents

Ground lights

C9s on Ground Stakes are a perfect way to accent planting areas or pathways and finish off your display.

C9 bulbs are available in opaque, faceted, and "filament" styles and a variety of colors to compliment your display.

Ground Lights


Garland, Teardrops, and Wreaths give a traditional look to any display. Greenery is perfect for adding to the daytime presence of your display. Select from three main styles - Prelit, Unlit, or Decorated!



The most popular option for enhancing your display! Our standard Prelit Greenery includes high quality wreaths up to 8 feet in diameter, thick lengths of garland, and other unique shapes all adorned with warm white, cool white, multi-color, or color changing LEDs!

Prelit Greenery


Perfect for community entrances without power as well as light posts throughout the neighborhood. Unlit Greenery is also perfect for decorating with ornaments or light strings of your choice for a unique look.

Unlit Greenery

Decorated Greenery

From flocked or snow capped branches to ornaments in a custom theme, decorated greenery can be personalized to match the style and charm of your display.

Decorated Greenery


We offer a wide range of lit and unlit decorations to take your display to the next level. Check out our selection of 2D and 3D Lighted Displays, Bows, Fiberglass Figures, and more!

Have an idea in mind that's not pictured? If it doesn't exist in a catalog, we know the people who can make it! Give us a call or book a design consultation and let us get to work on your perfect holiday display!


2D Displays

Choose from an endless supply of 2D lighted displays to decorate your yard or neighborhood.

2D Lighted displays can be attached to light poles with removable mounting hardware for an extra special touch!

2D Lighted Displays

3D Displays

Lighted 3D displays come in a wide range of styles and sizes and are perfect for building a scene in your front yard. There are also walk through and interactive Lighted Displays that are perfect for community events. These large displays also look great floating in the middle of a lake!

3D Lighted Displays

structural  BOWS

These bows come in a wide range of sizes and styles. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and available in Lit and Unlit variations.

Smaller bows are a perfect accent to light poles throughout a community while large bows are perfect for entry gates to a neighborhood or on the wall of a business.


Fiberglass Figures

Whether you are looking for lifesize nutcrackers for your porch, giant ornaments (in a stack or on their own), Santa and his sleigh, Reindeer, Elves, or anything else, we can help you find the perfect figures for your display. We will also install, remove, and store them leaving you with a truly effortless holiday experience.

Fiberglass Decor
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