Low-Voltage Lights

These lights are pefect for installations in

  • Community Parks

  • Them Parks

  • Damp Evnironments

  • Anywhere previous installations have had GFCI issues!

What makes Low Voltage Lights different?

Normal (High Voltage) christmas lights that plug into a wall outlet have power transformers in each string but continue to pass the 120V wall current along to each other connected string.

Low Voltage lights use a seperate transformer to supply the lights with DC voltage. This meanss the system operates at a lower voltage which is safer for pets and children to be around and also makes it less susceptible to voltage loss (the biggest cause of GFCI tripping with Christmas lights)

Certain transformers (power supplys) for  low voltage holiday lighting are designed to be used outdoors for a full season. Others can be installed in a weatherproof box or inside a garage or other dry space to protect them from the elements.

Low voltage lights are also the ideal choice for systems involving a solar generator. The system will be more efficient  as it does not require an inverter to power the lights. This enhances the reliability if we havve an extended period of cloudy weather.

Our LED strings can be controlled in a standard on/off manner or can be programmed with (subtle or bold) effects to add a little bit of excitement to your display. Our in-house team has the ability to program your display and adjust it as needed during the season.

Types of Low Voltage Lights

5MM Wide Angle Conical Light Strings

The Standard strings for Low Voltage - available in 24' strings of 48 lights with 6" spacing. These strings come in two varieties - 1-Channel and 3-Channel.

1-Channel Strings

These strings turn on and off like normal lights - all of the bulbs on the string are controlled together. These strings can be used with advanced controllers to create special effects. They are available in the standard diode colors shown below on green wire. Warm White LEDs are also available on white wire. Multi-Color strings of Ruby Red/Green/Yellow/Blue/Orange also available on green wire.

3-Channel Strings

The bulbs on these strings can be controlled in three groups down the length of the string. This function allows for a wide range of controllable effects from each string of lights when combined with an advanced controller. Single color strings are available in the color and wire choices shown above and have three groups of the same color for creating chases, twinkles, and other effects. 3-Channel strings are also available in a variety of themed multi-color strings and special effect strings to create magical, changing displays.

Special Color Pallets for 3-Channel Strings

Aurora - Purple/Aquamarine/Blue (green or white wire)

Enchantment - Warm White/Pure White/Champagne (green or white wire)

Glacier - Cool White/Aquamarine/Blue

Miami - Aquamarine/Lime/Pink

Traditional - Ruby Red/Warm White/Green

3-Channel Strings with Effects

These 40 Light strings are just over 20' long on green wire and come in two varieties -  Warm White LEDs with 1/5 Cool White Strobe or Warm White LEDs with 1/5 Warm White Twinkle. The 3-channel control allows for the effects channel to be turned on and off separately. These strings can be used to vary the look of your display across the course of an evening and can also be used in  Patriotic Displays for uniquee effects.

3MM Wide Angle COLOR-FLIP LED Light Strings

These special strings come on green wire and contain two sets of LEDS in each bulb. Watch your display transform Warm White to Multi-Color right before your eyes!

Option 1 - Ruby Red/Green/Yellow/Blue/Orange <-> Warm White

Option 2 - Traditional (Red/Warm White/Green <-> Autumn (Warm White/Yellow/Orange)

These strings look great in both Harvest Displays and Holiday Displays!

C7/C9 LED Light Strings

These 16' strings contain 24 Warm White Faceted LEDs with 8" spacing. They can be connected end-to-end as needed depending on the installation and come with 3-channel control.

3MM Wide Angle Crab Light Clusters

These unique Crab Light Clusters are perfect for many different applications. They Look like a string of firecrackers and are an awesome effect hanging from trees and structures, woven onto bushes, or when used to enhance the lighting in garlands. Crab Light Clusters are 9' long and have 3 channels of control which means they can produce all kinds of effects and look great wherever they are used. The first items in the first section have to be connected to a low voltage system, the items with power supply include a 60" lead and separate transformer meaning they can plug into a normal holiday light display.

​3MM Wide Angle LED Crab Light Cluster - 96 LEDs - 9' Lit Length

  • Warm White - Black or White Wire

  • Aurora - Purple/Aquamarine/Blue - Black Wire Only

  • Enchantment - Warm White/ Pure White/Champagne - Black or White Wire

  • Glacier - Cool White/Aquamarine/Blue - Black or White Wire

  • Miami - Aquamarine/Lime/Pink - Black Wire Only

  • Warm White 240 LED - Black Wire Only

3MM Wide Angle LED Crab Light Cluster with Effects - 80 LEDs - 9' Lit Length

  • Warm White with  1/5 Cool White Strobe - Black Wire Only

3MM Wide Angle COLOR-FLIP LED Crab Light Cluster - 96 LEDs - 9' Lit Length

  • Multi-5 - Ruby Red/Green/Yellow/Blue/Orange <-> Warm White - Black Wire Only

​3MM Wide Angle LED Crab Light Cluster - With Power Supply - 96 LEDs - 9' Lit Length

  • Warm White - Black Wire Only

  • Cool White - Black Wire Only

  • Multi-5 - Ruby Red/Green/Yellow/Blue/Orange - Black Wire Only

​3MM Wide Angle LED Crab Light Cluster - With Power Supply - 240 LEDs - 9' Lit Length

  • Warm White - Black Wire Only

  • Cool White - Black Wire Only

  • Ruby Red - Black Wire Only

  • Halloween - Orange Frosted - Purple - Lime Frosted - Black Wire Only

5MM Wide Angle LED Curtain Lights

These curtain light drops come in two styles - one with white wire and wider spacing, one with clear wire and 2" spacing. Each drop of lights connects to a tap line which ensures the curtain keeps an even spacing along its length. The tap l;ine carries power and control information to the 3-channel strings of lights. 3- channel control allows for a range of subtle and bold effects. These light curtains look great around screened enclosures, along walls, hanging around patios. Also available for rental for parties and events -  these look great when used with party tents.


The standard variation of this product is made with Warm White LEDS on White Wire and comes in several lengths based on light count.

24 Lights - 4" Spacing - 8'2" Total Length

24 Lights - 6" Spacing - 12' Total Length

48 Lights - 4" Spacing - 16'2" Total Length

48 Lights 6" Spacing - 24' Total Length

96 Lights - 6" Spacing 48' Total Length

The "Digital Curtain" is has48 warm or cool white LEDs space 2" apart on clear wire for a total length of 8'4". The higher density of lights and 3-channel control can be used to create uniqe effects to accent any area.

5MM wide Angle LED Icicle Lights

TThese Warm White Icicle Lights on White wire have 3 channels of control allowing for mesmerizing effects, eithef from a stand alone controller or as part of a synchronized light show designed by our team! Icicle Lights are available in 8'8" Lenghths.

5MM wide Angle LED Net Lights

These premium low-voltage net lights are made with 96 Lights on black wire with 5.5" spacing. The net covers a 4' x 6' area . These net lights are available in:

  • Cool White

  • Pure White

  • Warm White.

Cherry Drop LED Net Lights

Similar to the Wide Angle Net Lights, these are also made of 96 lights on black wire covering a 4' x 6' area. The difference with these is they have a round ball shape to the LED, similar to a G12. They are available in:

  • Blue

  • Multi-Color - Ruby Red. Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange

  • Pure White

  • Warm White

Snap N Go

This Low-Voltage Product line was made for year-round installs and is perfect for outdoor dining lights, adding lights tree or patios, and more. Mix and match the pieces that we install for a custom design suited to your space. Options include:

Curtain Drops -  A set of three different length drops of Warm White LEDs - 1'5"/2'9"/4'1"

Premium Curtain Drops - Three sets of 24 LEDs on a strand 4'1" long - similar to crab lights

5-Drop Ponytail Pendant - Cluster of 5 strings of lights with 36 total LEDS - 1'4" long

S14 LED Bulb Pendants - available with 6", 18", or 30" drops

Individual C9 bulbs or 10MM LED bulbs in Warm White

Warm White or RGB spotlights

Any 1-Channel Low Voltage Lights Strings

3MM Wide Angle Supernova Lights

These are one of the most versatile low voltage products offered - they include 12-Channel control with 7 built in functions. Use with otional light stakes for to add even more dimension to your display.

120 Lights - 4' Length


Cool White

Pure White

Ruby Red

Warm White

96 Lights - 3' Length


Cool White

Pure White

Ruby Red

Warm White

Americana - Ruby Red/Cool White/BLue

Flame - Ruby Red/Orange/Yellow/Warm White

Flacier - Cool White/Aquamarine/Blue

48 Lights 2' Length


Cool White

Pure White

Ruby Red

Warm White

48 Lights 3' Length

Americana Strobe - Ruby Red Strobe/Cool White Strobe/Blue Strobe

Cool White Strobe

Warm White Strobe

For displays using advanced controllers, there are 144 Light and 216 Light Warm White Supernovas for extra special effects.