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Low-Voltage Lights

Low Voltage lights are perfect for installations in

  • Community Parks

  • Theme Parks

  • Damp Environments

  • Anywhere previous installations have had GFCI issues!

This page explains more about Low-Voltage Christmas Lights and Highlights some of the products available for your display!

Why are Low Voltage Lights different?

  • 5 MM Wide Angle Conical

  • 3 MM Wide Angle Conical

  • C7 and C9 Bulbs

  • G12 "Cherries"

Low Voltage Light Strings are designed to give you control over the LEDs. Single channel strings can be dimmed or turned on and off like a normal light string. Multi Channel Strings are divided into 3 or more channels and can be programmed with a wide range of effects to add excitement to your display. Our in-house design team has the ability to program your custom display and adjust it during the season.

Low Voltage lights use a separate power transformer to supply the lights with DC voltage. This means the system operates at a safer voltage for pets and children to be around and also makes the system less susceptible to current leakage (the biggest cause of GFCI tripping with Christmas lights). 1

Certain transformers, or power supplies, for low voltage holiday lighting are weatherproof and designed to be used outdoors for a full season. Others should be installed in a weatherproof enclosure, a garage, or other dry space to protect the transformer from the elements.

Low voltage lights are also the ideal choice for systems powered by a solar generator. The system will be more energy efficient as the generator does not require an inverter to power the lights. One benefit to this is enhanced reliability if we have an extended period of cloudy weather.


The Low Voltage LED strings we use are available with several lens shapes including:

Christmas Lights

1-Channel Strings

All of the bulbs on these strings are controlled together meaning they can be dimmed or turned on and off like normal Christmas lights. 1- Channel strings can also be used with advanced controllers to create special effects.

​5MM Wide Angle Light Strings

Five Millimeter Wide Angle Conical LEDs are the most common when it comes to Low Voltage Christmas Light Installations. They are available in the widest range of diode colors and control options to suit your display. Here are some of our favorite 5mm Conical Products for your Holiday Lighting Installation:

Low Voltage Light Strings

Long Lasting 1 Channel and 3-Channel LED Strings are available in the 11 standard diode colors shown below on green wire. Each string is 24' long and contains 48 LEDs spaced 6" apart.

Warm White LEDs are also available on white wire.

Multi-Color strings of Ruby Red/Green/Yellow/Blue/Orange are available on green wire.

5mm versaline 2.PNG

Themed Color Palettes

3 channel strings are also available in these themed color combinations

Each color in these strings can be controlled individually to create endless combinations of effects!



Purple / Aquamarine / Blue



Warm White / Pure White / Champagne



Cool White / Aquamarine / Blue



Aquamarine / Lime / Pink



Ruby Red / Warm White / Green

3-Channel Strings with Effects

Enhance your display with these specialty accent strings! Each string contains 40 LEDs and measure just over 20' long. These effect strings are available on green wire and come in two varieties:

  • Warm White LEDs with 1/5 Cool White Strobe

  • Warm White LEDs with 1/5 Warm White Twinkle


The 3-channel control means that the effects channel can be turned on and off separately. These strings can be used to vary the look of your display across the course of an evening and can also be used in Patriotic Displays for unique effects.

COLOR-FLIP LED Light Strings

Each of these 5mm LEDs has two different light sources, a simple controller allows them to change color right before your eyes!



Red/Warm White/Green


Warm White/Yellow/Orange

These strings can be installed once then used for both Harvest Displays and Holiday Displays!



Red / Green / Yellow / Blue / Orange

Warm White

Warm White

5MM Wide Angle LED Curtain Lights

Light Curtains look great around screened enclosures, along walls and fences, and hanging around patios. They are made up of two components - a "mother-line" with evenly spaced taps that distribute power and control and strips of evenly spaced LEDs that attach to each tap point to form the curtain.


Depending on your application, there are several curtain heights and spacing options to choose from. These LED curtains use 3-channel strings of lights wich allow for a range of subtle and bold effects. Light Curtains are also available to rent for parties and events -  these look great when used with party tents!

Low Voltage LED Light Curtains are made with these color and spacing options:

2" Spacing

​Warm White

48 LED - 8'2" Height

Cool White

48 LED 8'2" Height

4" Spacing

​Warm White

24 LED - 8'2" Height

48 LED - 16'2" Height

6" Spacing

Warm White

24 LED - 12' Height

48 LED - 24' Height

96 LED - 48 ' Height


5MM wide Angle LED Icicle Lights

These Low Voltage Warm White Icicle Lights have 3 channels of control allowing for mesmerizing effects, either from a stand alone controller or as part of a synchronized light show designed by our team! Low Voltage Icicle Lights have 120 LEDS and are available in 7'8" sections.

meteor nets.PNG

Low Voltage Net Lights

Low Voltage Net Lights are available with two different lens styles. Both products cover a 4' x 6' area and include 3-channel control for use with sequencing controllers.

5MM wide Angle LED Net Lights

These premium low-voltage net lights are made with 96 Lights on black wire with 5.5" spacing. The net covers a 4' x 6' area . These net lights are available in:

  • Cool White

  • Pure White

  • Warm White.

Cherry Drop LED Net Lights

Similar to the Wide Angle Net Lights, these are also made of 96 lights on black wire covering a 4' x 6' area. The difference with these is they have a round ball shape to the LED, similar to a G12. They are available in:

  • Blue

  • Pure White

  • Warm White

  • Multi-Color - Ruby Red. Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange

cherry nets.PNG

Low Voltage C7 & C9 LED Light Strings

A perfect option for decorating trees or rooflines, these 16' long strings contain 24 Warm White Faceted LEDs spaced 8" apart. Low Voltage C9 and C7 Light Strings can be connected end-to-end as needed to suit the installation and use 3 channels of control.

3MM Wide Angle Conical

Crab Light & Supernova Clusters

The smaller three milimeter diodes allow these LED to be packed togehter into tight, dense clusters filled made up of vivid points of light.

3MM Wide Angle Crab Light Clusters

These unique Crab Light Clusters are perfect for many different applications. They Look like a string of firecrackers and are an awesome effect hanging from trees and structures, woven onto bushes, or when used to enhance the lighting in garlands. Crab Light Clusters are 9' long and have 3 channels of control which means they can produce all kinds of effects and look great wherever they are used. The first items have to be connected to a low voltage system, the items with power supply include a 60" lead and separate transformer meaning they can plug into a normal holiday light display.

​Standard Crab Light Cluster - 96 LEDs - 9' Lit Length

  • Warm White

  • Aurora - Purple / Aquamarine / Blue

  • Enchantment - Warm White / Pure White / Champagne

  • Glacier - Cool White / Aquamarine / Blue

  • Miami - Aquamarine / Lime / Pink

LED Crab Light Cluster with Effects - 80 LEDs - 9' Lit Length

  • Warm White with  1/5 Cool White Strobe

COLOR-FLIP LED Crab Light Cluster - 96 LEDs - 9' Lit Length

  • Multi-Color  <-> Warm White

Crab Light Cluster - With Power Supply - 96 LEDs - 9' Lit Length

  • Warm White

  • Cool White

  • Multi-Color - Ruby Red / Green / Yellow / Blue / Orange

LED Crab Light Cluster - With Power Supply - 240 LEDs - 9' Lit Length

  • Warm White

  • Cool White

  • Ruby Red

  • Halloween - Orange Frosted / Purple / Lime Frosted


3MM Wide Angle Supernova Lights

These are one of the most versatile low voltage products offered - they are similar to Crab Lights, however there are even more LEDs on each one! Each Supernova uses 12-Channel control and includes 7 built in functions. Supernovas can be displayed on optional light stakes for to add even more dimension to your display.

120 Lights - 4' Length

  • Blue

  • Cool White

  • Pure White

  • Ruby Red

  • Warm White


96 Lights - 3' Length

  • BLue

  • Cool White

  • Pure White

  • Ruby Red

  • Warm White

  • Americana - Ruby Red / Cool White / Blue

  • Flame - Ruby Red / Orange / Yellow / Warm White

  • Glacier - Cool White / Aquamarine / Blue

48 Lights - 2' Length

  • Blue

  • Cool White

  • Pure White

  • Ruby Red

  • Warm White

48 Lights - 3' Length

  • Americana Strobe - Ruby Red Strobe / Cool White Strobe / Blue Strobe

  • Cool White Strobe

  • Warm White Strobe


For displays using advanced controllers, there are 144 Light and 216 Light Warm White Supernovas for extra special effects.


This Low-Voltage Product line was made for year-round installs and is perfect for outdoor dining areas, adding lights tree or patios, and more. Mix and match the pieces that we install for a custom design suited to your space.




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