Tree Accents

Depending on the style of your display there are many possible accent options for trees on your property. Many of these options look great with or with our additional tree trunk wrapping.


There is a huge selection of outdoor-rated ornaments in a range of colors, styles, finishes, and sizes. These are perfect for accenting magnolia trees, the branches of crate myrtle, or the tops of oak or palm trees and they catch the sun beautify to add daylight appeal to your display. Place them near lit elements and they will reflect he light at night as well.

Lighted Spheres

These are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes. Each style of sphere adds a unique touch to the display.

Snow Flakes

3D Snow Flake shapes look beautiful "falling" from the canopy of tall trees. These collapsible snow flakes are available in a range of sizes.

LED Starbursts

These rigid starbursts are available in a variety of sizes and colors and create a fun whimsical effect in trees.

Flexible Starbursts

These moldable starbursts are available in wide range of LED and finish colors. Some even have built in effects and multiple colors. These versatile items are perfect for any season!


Strings of C9 bulbs can be an excellent way to wrap taller trees  because the large bulb size allows for wider wraps going up the tree. They are also a great way to add depth and texture to a munch of 5MM Mini-Lights wrapping the trunk and are available in many different color and finish combinations.

Snap N Go

This Low-Voltage Product line was made for year-round installs and is perfect for decorating large trees. The power infrastructure can be left in place and the lights changed throughout the season. Mix and match the pieces that we install for a custom design suited to your space. Options include:

Curtain Drops -  A set of three different length drops of Warm White LEDs - 1'5"/2'9"/4'1"

Premium Curtain Drops - Three sets of 24 LEDs on a strand 4'1" long - similar to crab lights

5-Drop Ponytail Pendant - Cluster of 5 strings of lights with 36 total LEDS - 1'4" long

S14 LED Bulb Pendants - available with 6", 18", or 30" drops

Individual C9 bulbs or 10MM LED bulbs in Warm White

Warm White or RGB spotlights (RGB Spotlights use a remote to select colors)

Any 1-Channel Low Voltage Lights Strings