C7 & C9 Bulbs

LED C9 bulbs tend to be a central part of a Christmas Display - as a result there are many options to choose from. The most common place to use C9 bulbs is along a roofline and we offer many different methods of attachment depending on the roof material.


C9s  use an E17 (Intermediate) base and are bigger than C7 bulbs which use the E12 (Candelabra) base. While we stock both socket and bulb types, C9s are most commonly used during installations because of their larger size which makes them brighter and more appealing for use on rooflines, etc.


E12 and E17 sockets find uses in displays beyond just C-series bulbs, they are also used for cascades (meteor tubes) and new decorative icicles.

Depending on the look you would like to achieve, presocketed wire is available with various spacing options ranging from 6" - 24" between sockets. The most common option is C9s spaced every 12" along the wire. This allows for consistent brightness without appearing too busy. 18" spaced wire is useful for climbing peaks on longer Spanish tiles. 24" spaced C9s are look effective when strung around trees (especially in combination with mini lights) and can also be used to create overhead light swags with C9 type bulbs. 6" spacing allows for very dense light placement and is perfect for scenarios where tou would like to have a a repeating color pattern as the sequence will repeat in shorter distances.

The next choice with C9 bulbs is the bulb itself!

All three finish options are available in C9 and C7 sizes with a different color selection depending on finish choice. Each style has it strengths as mentioned below.


This is the most common type of LED C9 and is the style you see on most professional installations across the country. The faceted lens allows light from a point source diode to spread over a large area for maximum effect. The facets on the lens add a starburst dispersion pattern to the light source that causes the light to shimmer as you move around the bulb.


Modern Christmas Installations use these faceted bulbs in Warm White, however cool white is also commonly used and they are available in a wide range of colors.


The opaque bulbs are not currently as common in Christmas installations, however some people prefer the to install the classic smooth multi-color look. These bulbs are perfect for anyony who feels that normal LED christmas lights are too intense as the opaque lens coating diffuses the light and decreases the intensity.


These bulbs are available in most of the same colors as the faceted bulbs

FlexFilament (Transparent)

This style of bulbs is the newest to the market and is a direct result in advances in LED Technology. These premium bulbs come in a transparent casing and have a strip of tiny colored LEDs bent to resemble the filament of an incandescent bulb. These are perfect for installations where the viewers will be closer to the bulbs and able to appreciate their unique style although they also work on rooflines for a retro style.

Bed Stakes

Once you have a decided on the bulb and color choices we can add bed stakes up to 12" tall and use C9s to accent walkways, planters, edgings and more!


C9s can easily be attached to fences and brick walls to accent features around your driveway of community entrance.

Sign Monuments

Another common use of C9s is to accent sign monuments at the entrance to a neighborhood. This can be done with as a stand alone look or combined with large bows, garland, or wreaths for a distinct holiday look,