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Bows are a traditional accent for any holiday display! Red Bows look perfect on wreaths and garland and we offer large structural bows that look great on large wreaths, light poles, and columns! We offer three main styles of bows to finish off your holiday display.

Standard Bows

Standard Bows

A signature element of a holiday display, standard bows are made with high quality ribbon, with or without wire edges.

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Structural Bows

Structural Bows

Giant Structural Bows are perfect for large wreaths, light poles and more! These bows start at 15" and go up to  96".

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Illuminated Bows

Illuminated Bows

Illuminated Bows are great for eliminating dark spots in displays and look beautiful when used on their own!

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Standard Bows

A standard 5- or 7-loop bow made from red ribbon is included with each wreath or garland installation and helps to complete the overall look of your display. 


Many customers choose to upgrade their bows with stylish elements including:

  • Wire Edges - These help the bow keep its shape throughout the season

  • Gold Trim - This adds an elegant touch to the display

  • Custom Ribbon Colors - Match the color theme of your decorations

  • Different Bow Shapes - There are many different styles of bows to choose from, a different shape can help set the tone of your installation

​​Bows are available in a wide range of ribbon options for different holidays including Easter, Independence Day, and Halloween!


Looking for a specific style of bow? Give us a call and our design team will help find or make them so that they can feature prominently in your display.

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Standard Bows

Structural Bows

A popular choice to decorate large wreaths as well as HOA entrances and commercial buildings. Structural Bows are made of thick, durable, outdoor-rated materials and have a 3D shape. The rigid design and high quality material used in these bows allows them to look great for several seasons.

Red with Gold trim is the most common style of structural bow and they are available in several materials. Structural bows are available in assorted sizes - no matter what size your wreath is, there is a structural bow to match! A guideline for sizing a bow is that it should be approximately half the width of your wreath. For example, if you have a 120" wreath, you should use the 60" structural bow.

Large structural bows also look great as standalone decorations on columns, pillars, gates, and sides of buildings.


Standard Bow Sizes

Bow Width - Tail Length

15" x 19"

18" x 23"

24" x 30"

30" x 38"

36" x 45"

48" x 60"

60" x 74"

72" x 86"

96" x 120"

There are many additional styles of rigid bows including Glitter Bows in Red, Gold, or Silver and several styles of Wire Puff bows.  Give us a call and our design team will help find the perfect structural bows to feature prominently in your display.

Structural Bows

Illuminated Bows

These exciting bows are the premium option for holiday displays. One of the main benefits of lighted bows is their ability to get rid of large dark spots in the middle of a display caused by standard bows. Where as structural bows can only reflect the light around them, lighted bows actually add light to the display!

Illuminated Bows include a combination of Warm White and Warm White Twinkle LEDs and are available in several sizes:

Extra Small - 22" x 41"

Small - 28" x 47"

Medium - 43" x 70"

Large - 55" x 82"

Illuminated Bows also make great stand-alone decorations for the sides of buildings, columns, and pillars on the sides of sign monuments.

Illuminated Bows
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