LED Light Strings

High-Voltage means that these strings can plug into standard household 120v outlets. just like strings you can buy from a box store. The difference between installation-grade and box store strings, however, is ours are designed to stand up to the rigors of installation, year after year. In fact, all of out standard light strings come with a 3 season warranty!

Standard light strings require GFCI protection for use outdoors. If your home is protected by GFCI outlets, Great! We will use those for our installation. If not, we can provide external GFCI protection. Have you had a problem with light strings tripping the GFCIs in your outlet? Check out our Low-Voltage Light Strings as these may be part of the solution for your display!

The first step for selecting Mini-Lights is to pick which shape of LED you would like for your display.

The graphic at the top of the page shows the various lens shapes that are commonly available for LED Light Strings. Depending on the lens style you select,there may be a several wire color and bulb spacing options to choose from.

Common wire colors are green, white, and brown. Common spacing is 4" and 6".

Wire Color

Green and Brown are most used for hiding lights in foliage and wrapping trees. The earth tones allow the wire disappear into the background leaving the focus on the points of light.

White Wire can be used for decorative purposes such as wrapping columns and poles, and can be especially nice when used over red ribbon at Christmas time. White wire can also looks nice with spring colors for Easter displays.

Certain shapes may also be available on black wired for Halloween themed installations. It is common to find multi-color strings with purple, green or orange on black wire for spooky installations.

Wire Spacing

In addition to determining the density of your lights, wire spacing also affects the overall length of your strings. There is no right or wrong with the bulb spacing as it all comes down to preference and the look that we are trying to create.

We install a lights with 6" spacing at a lot of properties because it is more economical to cover bushes and trees with the longer strings of lights. 4" spacing is ideal for clients that are looking for a denser, fuller look in the bushes or on the three trunks.

Not all bulb and color combinations are available on all wire color and spacing options.Availability of lights varies seasonally and decreases the closer we get to Christmas. Book your display early to ensure the products you want are available!


On the far left, a standard incandescent light. We no longer install these as they are not power efficient and tend to require a lot more maintenance of the course of their life. We include them on the graphic as a comparison only.

M5 (and T5)

This style of lens or cover over the LED diode most closely resembles incandescent mini lights, The led source is slightly raised into the tube for a familiar look. In LED, this style tends to be used inside as it is not as bright as the 5mm Wide Angle lights which are about 25% brighter and designed to siddisperse light better.

5 MM Wide Angle Connical

This shape has become the go-to for Christmas Installers across the country. The LED lens is designed with a cone-shaped impression in the end that spreads the light for a wide viewing angle. This style most closely resembles the effect of an incandescent light and is available in the most color, wire, and spacing combinations.

G12 "Raspberries"

This 12-mm globe shape is a fun retro style for wrapping bushes and trees  The faceted lens helps disperse light and the round shapel looks like small ornaments. These lights are available in single color and multi-color strings.


This style has a textured lens that does a better jhob of refracting the light from the diode than the clear lens of the M5. As a result, these appear similar to incandescent lights (because of their shape) but have more of a glow than a point source incandescent would have.

C6 "Strawberries"

This bulb is smaller that the C7 or C9 and generally comes in a molded base attached to the wire. These can be used for a retro christmas look and add visual interest to a display. They are typically available in faceted finish and an assortment of colors and some color combinations.


This is a common size of christmas light and is used to wrap trees and bushes or can be swagged between high branches of trees. They are smaller than C9s, which are generally installed more frequently. Depending on where they will be installed, C7s are available on pre-molded strings or strings can be created with custom spacing and color combinations.


This size bulb is commonly used on rooflines and as well as ground stakes for outlining patways and garden beds. They are also effective when mixed in with 5MM Mini-Lights on tree trunks or hanging in swags from tree branches. These are available in a wide variety of pre-molded strings and there are nearly limitless spacing and color combination for the perfect themed installation.