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LED Light Strings

These Light Strings are designed to plug into normal household power outlets and are similar to the strings available at major retailers. The difference between  installation-grade lights and box store strings, however, is installation grade strings are designed to be used year after year. In fact, all of out standard light strings come with a 3 season warranty!

Standard light strings require GFCI protection for use outdoors. If your outlets are protected by GFCI outlets, Great! We will use those for our installation. If not, we can provide external GFCI protection.


Have you had a problem with light strings tripping the GFCIs in your outlet?

Check out our Low-Voltage Light Strings as these may be part of the solution for a hassle-free display!

Bulb Styles

The first step for selecting Mini-Lights is to pick which shape of LED you would like for your display, each style has it's own benefits.

Use the drop down menu below to learn more about the different bulb styles,


Wire Colors

The graphic above shows the various lens shapes that are commonly available for LED Light Strings.

Depending on the lens style(s) you would like in your display, there may be a several wire color and bulb spacing options available.

Common wire colors include green, white, and brown and the most popular spacing options are 4" and 6" between LEDs.



Green wire is the most common style as it is very versatile  for hiding lights in foliage and wrapping trees. Earthy colors like green and brown allow the wire disappear into the background leaving the focus on the points of light. Green wire has the widest variety of spacing and diode options.



White Wire can be used for decorative purposes such as wrapping columns and poles, and can be especially nice when used over red ribbon at Christmas time. White wire can also looks nice with spring colors for Easter displays.


Certain lens shapes may be available on black wire for Halloween themed installations. It is common to find multi-color strings of purple, green & orange on black wire for spooky installations. Black Wire is also used for effects products like Crab Lights and Supernovas.




Bulb Spacing

In addition to determining the density of your lights, the bulb spacing also affects the overall length of your strings. There is no right or wrong with bulb spacing as it all comes down to preference and the look that we are trying to create.

4" Bulb Spacing

A string of LEDs with 4" spacing are shorter than the same number of LEDs spaced 6" apart. This  creates a more dense and full appearance when lighting trees and bushes.

6" Bulb Spacing

This is the most commonly installed spacing option. The slightly wider spacing creates longer strings that are more economical for covering a large number of trees and bushes.

LED Colors

diode colors.PNG

Not all bulb and color combinations are available on all wire color and spacing options.

Availability of lights varies seasonally and decreases the closer we get to Christmas.


Book a Design Consultation early for the best chance that the products you want are available!

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