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Color Changing


Color Changing Lighting is a great way to add a modern touch to your display. It is sometimes called RGB lighting which refers to the 3 color sources in each bulb - Red, Green, and Blue!


We offer design and programming services for complete light shows as well as an assortment of per-programmed and controllable products to add a unique festive touch to your display.





Sequenced Shows

Make your display the talk of the town (or internet) by synchronizing the lights in your display to music, video, or live presentations! This is perfect for homes that want to star in viral videos online, businesses that want to increase their holiday traffic, or communities and parks that want to create immersive holiday displays or host tree lighting ceremonies.

We offer a range of pre-programmed solutions as a starting point and our in-house team can design a custom display and synchronize a show to a soundtrack of your choice!

The options for these types of displays are limitless as basically every detail can be customized to your specifications. We recommend starting the process for custom shows as early in the year as possible to ensure you get the best pricing and product availability as well as priority choice for installation dates.


Color Changing Lights offer a wide range of versatility, even if you are not sequencing your display to music. For a more subtle look, our Design Team leverages this color changing technology to create custom scenes across your home or business. Scenes can be static, based on combinations of colors or can be animations with moving color effects or visual scenes like snow falling across your display.


These pre-programmed looks can fade into each other throughout the night or each stay on for a full night so that your display looks different every night of the season.  While standard Christmas light installations stay the same every night, color changing lights can add variation to your display whenever you want!

 Color changing bulbs are available in a simple version where the whole string changes color together or pixel versions where each bulb can change color individually thus create endless effects since the levels of Red, Green, and Blue can be controlled individually.

Pixel Bulbs are required for video based effects.


Standalone products offer a wide range of versatility and are available in Sequenced and Remote Controlled varieties.

Sequenced Products come preloaded with several short shows programmed to music or sound effects. These can be triggered manually or setup to playback at regular intervals or specific times throughout the night. Sequenced Product Kits come in three main styles - Tunnels, Curtains, and Pole Trees and several size options. Multiple Tunnels or Curtains can be linked together to create larger displays and multiple Pole Trees can be combined into unique arrangements.

Plug N Play Kits for Pole Trees, Curtains, and Tunnels

Remote Controlled products are simple to operate and are a fun interactive option for families with children. Different colors and effects are easily selected with the push of a button making these interactive products great for multiple holidays!

Dynamic RGB+Warm White Color Changing Products are available in a wide range of products including Lighted Greenery, Trees, 2D Shapes as well as Light Strings!

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