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Full Service Decoration Packages for Any Season

Our full service lighting and decoration packages ensure that your home, community, or business is sure to impress this holiday season. Service begins with a design consultation where we take measurements and discuss options to create your perfect display. After you approve the quotation and schedule installation,all of the hard work is done! Just enjoy your holidays season and we will take care of the rest. Our services include installation, maintenance during the season, take down and storage so that you don’t have to lift a finger!


All of our holiday display packages begin with a design consultation at the site where decorations will be installed. Having a meeting on-site allows us to take measurements and pictures to prepare an accurate, detailed  quotation. We also use this time to confirm that there are working power outlets or a suitable place for a solar generator system.

The design consultation is a perfect opportunity to meet our design staff and share your vision with them. Our expert team will explain the product options for your display and develop a design that helps you maximize your budget.


Keep your feet on the ground and let us handle the ladders!

Whether it’s installing C9s along your roof-line, decorating the fronds of your tallest palm trees, or creating a star-field of mini-lights in your bushes, our trained team of installers will handle it all without you lifting a finger.

We bring the ladders, bucket truck, and all of the safety equipment necessary to ensure you have the best-looking decorations in the neighborhood.

We install high quality products from reputable manufacturers in the Christmas Light Industry. Our standard lights and greenery include a 3-season warranty!


Modern LED lighting has many benefits in the world of holiday displays! LEDs consume less electricity which means displays cost less to run and typically can fit on one outlet without tripping a breaker. LEDs also have a longer lifespan than Incandscent fixtures - and most defects are covered under warranty. If something does go awry during the season simply give us a call or text to schedule a maintenance call and our technicians will be dispatched to diagnose and correct the problem. We guarantee a prompt response - service within 24 hours for the Orlando area and 48-72 hours for the rest of Central Florida.

Bright Idea Bulb

At the end of  each holiday season our trained team will carefully remove all of your lights and decorations and prepare them for storage. Team leads will perform a final walk-around to ensure that all of the bits and pieces are removed and the site is as pristine as when we arrived at the beginning of the season.

Our annual removal schedule is created by region and we try to take down decorations from all of our clients in the area at the same time.

If you want your lights to stay longer or need the decorations down by a certain day, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate!


To tie a bow on the hassle free experience, we offer storage options for all of your decorations.

Our takedown team consolidates small elements of your display into storage totes and packages larger items are seperately. Each item is labeled and numbered to ensure all elements of your display stay together.

Storage totes along with wreaths, spheres, and oversized decorations are all securely stored in our warehouse facility until next year!


Additional Services

In addition to our standard, full-service, package for exterior displays Evergreen Holiday Lighting offers a wide array of services and products for creating effortless holiday magic!


Ready to take your display to the next level?

Modern lighting technologies allow for individual control over every light in your display meaning any light can be any color, at any brightness, at any time.

Evergreen Holiday Lighting has an in-house design and programming team that can synchronize your display to a soundtrack of your choice.

Looking for something more subtle? Our team can program scenes with movement and color allowing your display to look different every night.

Programmable Displays
Christmas Lights on Trees

Have you had issues with your holiday displays tripping GFCI Outlets? Are you concerned about safety around high voltage lights?

Upgrade to our low voltage Christmas light systems! 24V Low voltage systems are a safer option and much more weather-resistant than their high-voltage counterparts.

Systems use a transformer and weatherproof enclosure or in some cases tap directly into existing wiring for your landscape lighting.

Many unique options available including different diode colors, effects and controllable animations.

Low Voltage Lights
Light Emitting Diodes

Tired of fighting with your artificial Christmas Tree? Let our skilled team of installers handle the setup, shaping, removal, and storage of your artificial tree.


Ornament Packages are available.

Want something more modern? We offer a wide range of light show trees, from simple remote control options to fully programmable trees  synchronized to music for the ultimate RGB display!

Christmas Tree Setup
Setting Up a Christmas Tree

We offer seasonal accents for light poles like vinyl banners, LED shapes, garlands, ribbons, mini-lights and more!

No Mounting Hardware?

No Problem! We have various styles of mounting hardware that are perfect for any application.

Vinyl Banners can be printed locally in any dimensions with custom designs and logos.

Lighted shapes are available in many styles for every holiday... Check out our inspiration pages! Custom designs available.

Light Pole Accents

Do you have a water feature on your property that needs some holiday excitement?


Lakes and ponds are a perfect location for a floating Christmas tree with gift boxes or 3D LED shapes.


We partner with local engineers and fabrication facilities to construct your floating masterpiece.


Imagination is the limit with this new display product!

Floating Displays

No Power? No Problem!

We have modern, portable solar generator systems that provide enough battery capacity to power your display through several days of bad weather. Each generator is provided with enough solar panels to recharge the batteries quickly once the sun is shining again.

These weatherproof solutions include everything needed to power your display and require a secure area for installation.

We also rent solar generators for parties, events, hurricanes, and other portable power needs.

Solar Generators
Energy Efficiency Consultation

Need to perform maintenance in a hard to reach location?

Our bucket truck and experienced operators are available for projects outside of the Christmas Season.

Give us a call today to discuss how our bucket truck can speed up your next project.

Bucket Truck Rental
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